Appointments and Referrals

Appointments with your Primary Care Manager, or a Specialty appointment, can be made by selecting one of the methods below. If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

TRICARE Online (Primary Care)

Book/ Cancel/ Reschedule Appointments 24/7 online now!

Call for Appointments

Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Call Center

Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Phone: 301-677-8800

Patients can also speak with the Nurse Advice line by calling 301-677-8800.

Referral Management Center

Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. closed Federal Holidays and Command-directed closures.

Location: Building 2480 First floor Customer Service Center

Contact Information: 301-677-8840 / 8841

Services Offered

The Referral Management Center (RMC) is available to assist you, when necessary, in scheduling your Military Treatment Facility (MTF) specialty care appointments. If your specialty care referral is deferred to TRICARE North, the RMC may assist, when necessary, in order to coordinate your off-site civilian network provider appointment(s).

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m enrolled in TRICARE Prime at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center, why are my referrals for specialty care sent to other MTFs in the National Capital Area (NCA)?

TRICARE Prime functions similar to a civilian Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).  Enrollees are assigned or choose a Primary Care Manager (PCM) who manages their care and refers to specialists when necessary.  Referrals from your PCM for specialty care are directed to the NETWORK of providers. MTF within the NCA are considered NETWORK facilities and are the first choice considered for almost all specialty care referrals written from PCM’s within the NCA.  If the care your provider requested is not available due to capacity and/or capability within a Military Treatment Facility it is deferred to TRICARE North for assistance in finding a NETWORK civilian provider. 

My Primary Care Manager placed a referral for specialty care services, what do I need to do?

When your Primary Care Manager submits a referral request to a specialty clinic, it is reviewed by the requested Specialty Clinic within the MTF before being approved. Your Primary Care Manager does not authorize or approve referrals or services.

To book your referral for specialty care you must first call the appointment call center at 301-677-8800 after two business days to schedule your specialty care appointment (Don’t delay).

If an appointment is not available within Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center, the Referral Management Center (RMC) will check availability with other MTFs in the NCA and will notify you by telephone if an appointment is available.

If no appointments are available within the other MTFs within the NCA your referral will be deferred to TRICARE North to locate a civilian NETWORK provider.  Once your referral is deferred to TRICARE North, you may call 877-874-2273 after 3 business days for the authorization number, name and location of the civilian network provider or you may wait for the authorization notice to arrive via mail.

Emergent and Urgent referral requests are coordinated provider to provider by your Primary Care Manager and the requested specialty along with assistance from the RMC and, if necessary TRICARE North.

If you are having problems with your referral or need additional assistance with your referral please call our RMC 301-677-8841. If your referral was deferred to TRICARE North and you have not received your authorization notice within 10 business days, please call 877-874-2273 for assistance. Please note you may register at to view/print your authorizations for civilian medical care.       

What can I do if my referral is accepted by a Military Treatment Facility and I would rather see a provider in the civilian community?

Active duty family members, retirees, and retiree family members have several options.  They may use the TRICARE Prime Point of Service option to seek non-emergent care from civilian providers and pay the TRICARE Prime Point of Service deductible and cost share, resulting in higher out of pocket expenses or they may disenroll from TRICARE Prime and use TRICARE Standard/Extra.  Beneficiaries requiring assistance understanding their benefit options and costs associated with each option may call 301-677-8982 to schedule an appointment with KACC’s Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators.

How can I request a second medical opinion?

To avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses under the Point of Service Option, it is best to coordinate a request for a second medical opinion through your assigned Primary Care Manager. 

Note for ADSM: Due to deployability and fitness for duty issues, active duty service members are required by DoD policy to remain enrolled in TRICARE Prime and are required to have a referral and prior authorization for all non-emergent care rendered from civilian sources. Service members seeking non-emergent care from civilian sources without proper authorization do so at their own risk.