PACU & Same Day Surgery

Patients are referred to Same Day Surgery (SDS) by surgical specialists within the National Capital Region. Prior to outpatient surgery patients of all ages are required to have a pre-operative appointment. For more information please call 301-677-8019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are walk-in services available?


How long can I expect to stay?

Plan to stay approximately 1 hour for Pre-Admission. Plan to stay between 4-6 hours the day of your surgery.

Am I required to have an escort present during my procedure?

All procedures require that an escort remain present at Kimbrough during the duration of the surgical procedure.

Contact Information 
Phone: 301-677-8019

Mon - Fri: 5:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.


1st floor, B Wing

2480 Llewellyn Ave. 

Fort Meade, MD 20755