Exercise Stress Tests

Services Offered

  • New evaluation
  • Follow-ups


A referral is required from your Primary Care Manager. With this referral, call the clinic at 301-677-8800.

If you are unable to obtain an appointment at KACC, please call WRAMC Cardiology at 202-782-3832

Medical health records and ID card are required at the time of your scheduled appointment and/or procedure. Your medical records are sent to the clinic prior to your appointment. Appointments usually take 30-40 minutes.


Children are not routinely allowed in exam rooms unless they are directly seeking medical care. Children under age 10 must be in direct line-of-sight of parent or guardian at all times. Children over age 10 must have appropriate supervision and will remain in waiting area during parent’s appointment.

No-Show Policy

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to either reschedule you or see you at the end of the morning or end of the afternoon.

Other Information

Please ensure you obtain and follow the written instructions given to you regarding diet and proper dress for the stress test.  

Contact Information 
Phone: 301-677-8800

Varies - Contact the clinic


2480 Llewellyn Ave.

Fort Meade, MD 20755