Dental Clinic

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the dental care necessary to maintain optimal oral health readiness while you are stationed in the area. Our staff of dental professionals is capable of providing comprehensive dental care for the active duty service members stationed in this area. If you have a particular need or question, please feel free to contact the clinic.

We look forward to serving you.

The Dental Clinics is closed on all Federal holidays.

Clinic Location

The Fort George G. Meade Dental Activity, serving the needs of the Fort Meade military community, welcomes you!

Our two clinics are located at 8472 Simonds Street (Epes Dental Clinic) and in the Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center (Dental Clinic #3).

Other than Active Duty (OTAD) Care

Family members of active duty personnel eligible for are required to utilize the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) . This includes emergency care, as the TDP provides coverage for palliative emergency treatment.

Retirees and their family members are encouraged to enroll in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (DELTA SELECT USA) Phone # 1-888-838-8737.

TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) for Eligible Family Members of Active Duty Personnel

Effective 1 April 1993 and as directed by law, the Army Dental Care System curtailed dental care for other than active duty (OTAD) personnel. Beneficiaries enrolled in the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) will not receive services covered by the plan in U.S. Army Medical Command Dental Treatment Facilities, other than limited care for true dental emergencies. The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan is a voluntary program for spouses and eligible children of active duty members of the seven Uniformed Services. (Note: Active duty service members are not covered under this program.)

The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan does cover routine and specialty dental care on a full or cost-sharing basis.  Enrollment for your family members is accomplished through your Military Personnel Office (not the Dental Clinic Command).  A list of participating dentists (those accepting the Dental Insurance fee schedule as full payment or as an agreed percentage in case of cost shared procedures) is available at both Dental clinics on Fort Meade.

The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan provides coverage for dental emergencies during and after dental office business hours. Palliative dental care (treatment of oral conditions requiring immediate dental care) is a covered benefit.  For information concerning emergency dental treatment, refer to the United Concordia Benefit Booklet or call UCC customer service at 1-800-866-8499.

Emergency Procedures

For urgent dental emergencies (severe pain, swelling, trauma) after duty hours, there is an on-call dentist. The Dentist on Duty and CQ can be reached at 410-320-8169.

Note: All beneficiaries must have a valid ID card in their possession when presenting for care.

Routine Care

All patients must have a current examination prior to definitive dental treatment, to include cleanings. After this initial step, active duty personnel may make appointments by phone or in person. They will receive priority care and re-appointment until oral health (Class I dental fitness status) is achieved.

Active duty personnel will always receive care on a first priority basis. When the clinic is fully staffed, they should not have to wait more than 2 to 3 weeks between routine appointments and will receive all categories of care.

The Director of Dental Services will curtail space available care to retirees and family members as required, based on priority delineated in AR 40-3, to ensure expedient care to active duty personnel at all times.

At our present staffing levels, care for other than active duty (OTAD) personnel is essentially unavailable.

Addressing Your Concerns

We urge you to utilize the patient comment/suggestion cards in the clinic during your appointments to help us monitor service and identify any problem areas.  We have benefited from the wide range of experience offered by the diverse backgrounds of the personnel from all services assigned to this area and welcome your input.

If you have any problems or questions, we encourage you to use the chain-of-command to voice your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact the clinic Officer-In-Charge or the clinic NCOIC.

If after talking with the Dental Clinic NCOIC or the Officer in charge, you feel that concerns have not been addressed, please feel free to contact the Dental Clinic Command Patient Representative, at 301-677-5920 / 5715.

You may also ask to speak with the Executive Officer at 301-677-6972, or the Commander, at 301-677-7978.


Contact Information 

Dental Clinic #3 (Located inside Kimbrough Facility): 301-677-8955 / 8956

Epes Dental Clinic: 301-677-6078 / 6983

Headquarters: 301-677-7978


Mon - Fri: 7:20 a.m. to 4:20 p.m.


2480 Llewellyn Ave. (inside Kimbrough)

8472 Simonds Street (Epes Dental Clinic)